Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints by Lisa M. Hyatt
WOW!!! In the first book, I knew there had to be more to Elle but I never imagined. I absolutely loved this story. There was so much emotions and healing that I could truly feel for both main characters as they tried to get through, help each other, and find their way. Filled with suspense, secrets, friendship, family, and love this is definitely a book I could not put down. Seeing how these characters have grown over these two books is simply amazing. I love a great suspenseful romance and these books definitely fill that. I cannot wait for the next book to come out to see what happens next for this family and friends. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Venture Forward

Venture Forward by Kristen Luciani
I truly could not wait to read this book and I was so excited to start it. We have seen Paul throughout the first two books and we all know his reputation but we have seen a softer side to him also in the other books. He was one of those characters that truly stuck out and I couldn't wait to get to his story. Let me tell you that he completely took a piece of my heart. I absolutely loved his story. Avery is definitely his perfect match. She is strong and truly an amazing person. One problem she hates Paul with a passion. These two took me on an emotional rollercoaster that I did not want to get off. Kristen writes a story that completely draws you in and for me I could not put this book down at all until the very end. My only question now is when do we get the installment of these amazing characters.
I received a copy for an honest review.

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls by Hanna Peach
WOW!!! Suspense, twists, turns, love, and amazing writing!!! This book as it all. You want a great story with suspense, love a book that puts you on the edge of your seat and turning page after page to see what happens then this book is for you. I love Hanna Peach's book because she writes an amazingly suspenseful story that I know once I start I will not be able to put down and Paper Dolls is no different. As I was reading this story, I could literally watch it unfold in my mind. From beginning to end I could not put it down trying to figure out what was going on, who is hiding what, and what is going to happen next. I swear every Hanna Peach book I read just gets better and better than the last. Her level of writing is just wow and the suspense she puts into her books is phenomenal nail biting kinda suspense.
I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


Grit by J.C. Valentine
Loved this book!!! It was full of suspense, love, and getting past first impressions. I loved how this story showed the prejudgment of characters by others and how those judgements can be wrong. I could not put this book down and completely read it in one night. I was sucked in on the first page and stayed up until I finished it. I laughed, got mad, wanted to shake characters at time, and was completely on the edge of my seat at other times. This story will take you for a hell of a ride. I absolutely loved Blake and I don't know if I want to just give him a huge hug or throw him down and......well you know. lol I really hope we get more of these character because the whole group of main characters and side characters are awesome, plus I would really love to know what happens in the future with certain situations. This is definitely a great read and one you don't want to miss.
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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Filthy by J.L. Beck
What a great read!!! J.L. Beck definitely jumped onto this genre with a splash!! This is a quick, sexy read that I loved. A big thing that I loved it that it is a quick read but I still felt like I got pretty much a full story. I loved Talon and Mia. They are both strong characters that you just can't help but to love. Ms. Beck definitely has become an author that I truly believe could just about any genre.

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Nothing Ventured

Nothing Ventured by
I wish I could give this more than 5 stars because OMG does it deserve about a hundred more. This story truly has everything. The emotions in this story will have you laughing, crying, and every emotion in between. I was literally sitting at my desk at work either busting out laughing or had tears running down my face. Ms. Luciani definitely knows how to write a story that just grips you from the first page and pulls you in. I actually started getting mad at people for interrupting me while I was reading it. I also loved seeing the characters from the previous book and what it going on with them. Chris and Mia really touched my heart and I just completely fell in love with them.
I received this book for an honest review.


Perfect by Kady Hunt
This is a book that is definitely a must read. I loved the suspense, the twists and turns, and feels this book gave me. This story drew me in on the first page and I could not put it down until the very last page. These characters are great, they are real and true to how I would expect them to be. Ms. Hunt definitely know how to write a story that will have you turning the pages and begging for more.
I received this copy through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

Wilder Revelation

Wilder Revelation (The Guardian #3) by G.K. Derosa
I truly cannot get enough of this series and these characters!!!! Each book just gets better and better and I cannot wait for the next. I get so wrapped up in this story and in this book that I almost forget this world around me. Oh, I got so mad when someone or something would interrupt me. Needless to say I was captivated by this book. The action, suspense, emotions, everything kept me on the edge of my seat, turning pages, dying to know what was going to happen. The little twists in the plot always keeps me guessing and now I am literally stalking waiting for the next book. This series has truly brought me back to the paranormal genre and I am not leaving any time soon.
I received this copy from the author for an honest review.

Taming the Whirlwind

Taming the Whirlwind by L.M. Heidle
I really enjoyed this book. It's not a fast paced book, but not slow either. It's more of a steady pace flow to the story, definitely enough to keep me hooked and interested. Liz and Kade pulled at my emotions so much. I wanted to slap Kade at times but they made me laugh, sigh, and fall in love with them. As much as I was pulling for them to get together, there were times I wanted to shake Liz and tell her to say screw him, but I'm glad she couldn't hear me lol. As I said, I really enjoyed this story and was definitely worth the read. Their love is a whirlwind that I'm so glad that I decided to take a chance on.
I received a copy through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

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Fated Love

Fated Love by Bree McKennedy
I don't know if I can truly come up with the words to this book justice!!!! This story is raw, emotional, real, gut-wrenching, heart breaking, and honest. I was completely pulled into this book from the first page and could not put it down until the very last. I could relate to some parts of this book and I can't tell you how real it is. Addy will make you feel emotions that I didn't know a book could make me feel. So much happens in this story and the ending will leave you........well let's just say wanting to scream but remember it's real life and there are no guarantees.

I received this copy through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Love Hurts

Love Hurts by Mandi Beck
This book leads me to what might sound like a contradictory review. I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed it enough to definitely want to read the next one. While I thought Deacon and Frankie needed to grow up at times and behave more maturely, that never once made me want to stop reading or took away from the story. Yes, I asked myself, why does Frankie keep "Flashdance" around when she knows how much it drives Deacon crazy. And, she knows she loves him and he would do anything for her. But, then Deacon and his tantrums are a bit over the top. YET, it's one of those stories where you are watching two characters go through what they go threw, childish behavior and tantrums and all, but its a great story. Usually these turn out to be badly written characters in a story that had potential, but just didn't quite come together. This was just the opposite for me. Despite the fact that the characters had these flaws, the story was engaging, made you want to know what would happen next, and I was still rooting for these characters. I'm an MMA girl, so I love the fight stuff. And, I wish that Frankie had taken some of the jujitsu and other martial arts since her dad owned fighting gyms. Nothing like a girlie girl who can kick butt if she has too. Not much else to say without giving away too much. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for the next one.
I listened to the audio of this and enjoyed Wen Ross and Kai Kennicott. I've listened to several of their audios now and have become a fan. I don't always like multiple narrators. But, these two work well together.

For the Win

For the Win by Brenna Aubrey
How Does she do it? Ms. Aubrey takes some of the most outlandish situations and makes them so real. This is the second of Ms. Aubrey's books I have listened to and I was stuck from the beginning. It's more of a ripped from a tabloid headline and then you get to watch the actual private aftermath. And, I'm not even a reality TV fan, yet I'm completely stuck in her books. There's so much realism within these over the top situations. I liked the little part about Jordan being homeschooled and how his father should have known he was too young to go to college at 16. I had to make that decision for my homeschooled son who graduated from HS a month after turning 16. I made him start at a Junior College for that reason. But, we struggled with it. He has always been so mature, yet there were times when we had to say, "Well, he is only 16." Ms. Aubrey deals with a lot of issues that everyone, and definitely women can relate to. But, she does it in such a fascinating way. Totally becoming one of my favorite authors. I listened to the first book in this series and had to listen to more.
And, this was a marriage made in heaven between story and narrators. Jason Clark and Kirsten Leigh are amazing!! I don't always like dual narrations. Sometimes the portrayal of the characters is so different from one narrator to the other, you feel you don't know them. But, these two are WOW! From one to the other, I felt like the characters and the feel of the story stayed consistent. I don't even know what else to say besides, I'm a fan!! I stayed up way too late and practically listened straight through, neglecting tons of things I should have been doing. And, that's what I love a book to do, completely take me away!

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A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson
CREEPY!!! But in a good way. This was another, or rather the first thriller in this series. I read the latest one first. I really enjoyed this book. I loved Alex. And, the twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat. There were times I wanted to slap Mallory, but only when she was putting herself unnecessarily in harms way with no backup. I'm a martial arts enthusiast for years, and train in hand to hand combat, grappling, weapons from guns, knives, sticks, swords, and even I wouldn't be willing to do that if I had Alex as backup. It didn't seem badass just silly.
BUT, that said, the story was still wonderful and the beginning of a great series. I read book 5 first and was stuck! I can't wait to sink my teeth, or ears, into book 2. Ms. Anderson really makes you feel like you have a front row seat to the action. And, with this one, I was glad I was home or it was daylight when I was reading some of it. Definitely one of those that keeps you looking over your shoulder.
And, Eric Dove does a great job in this series. I really don't even know what else to say. Ms. Anderson gives you a ticket by writing a story that's a heck of a ride, and Dove takes you on that ride. I would highly recommend this series. 
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Domville

The Domville 8 by CJ Fallowfield
Our last night at The Domville, but I'm sure we will see this great hotel in the future. If you read the For the Night series you will recognize the main character right away. I was so happy to see this character go from someone I truly hated and grow into a character I actually wished the best for and to see her not only grow mentally but truly take responsibility for her previous actions as well. This was just a great way to end this series. Again, if you have read the For the Night series, you might even get a little surprise visit from someone we all loved.

ARC copy received for an honest review.

A Rebel Love

A Rebel Love by Glenna Maynard
God, I love these dirty bikers and yes, Glenna has gotten another cup of my tears. lol. These books just keep getting better and better. The emotions are raw, the characters are blunt and real, and the story is the ride of a lifetime!!! This is one of those stories that just stays with you. It will leave you in a daze completely wrapped up in the story. When I first finished I couldn't think of anything else and was left just in awe and speechless. Now even a day or so after I read the end I'm still thinking about it, like I said it is a story/series that just stays with you, keeps replaying in your mind and thinking about what is going to happen next. I love that in these books that you not only learn more about the main characters of that particular book but all the previous characters that I have fallen in love with are still there and can catch up with them and not just in the back ground but part of the main story. I swear no one writes a multiple POV book/story like Glenna. She definitely has mastered that craft.

ARC received for an honest review.

Uncovering Desire

Uncovering Desire by Kasey Shea
This story left me laughing, ready to smack someone, laughing again and everything in between. Definitely a great read. I actually liked this one better than the first. This time we get the POV of the two people coming together and these are great. Their banter was the best. Their story kept me completely wrapped up from page one to the last. These characters are so strong and do not give in easily, their love is one they will have to fight for and finally give in and show another side of them selves for. The writing was amazing in capturing your attention and completely holding it until the end.

Copy received for an honest review through The Next Great Read Book Reviews.

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Test Drive

Test Drive by Avonlea Cole
OMG this was just a fun read. I loved it. This was a refreshing chance of pace for me and it was perfect. First it is told from the male POV which was great and funny. Drew has been handed everything and is finally seeing that he needs to step up to be the man that he wants to be not who other want him to be. He also wants a true relationship not someone who wants him for his money. He dates a few different women from a dating website and he truly meets all types but you never know what is right in front of you sometimes. Again, this was such a great fun read that will have you laughing and loving watching Drew grow to be the man he is meant to be.

Copy received through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Finding Harmony: Cypress Corners Book 1

Finding Harmony: Cypress Corners Book 1 by JoMarie DeGioia
I'm not sure if it was the mood I was in or not, but this started a little slow for me. Luckily it picked up pretty quickly and I found myself engrossed in the book. Wendy Rich Stanton has one of those voices that pulls you into a story and keeps you there. She just has a way of capturing the essence of the characters and making you feel like you know them.
I really enjoyed Harmony, our main character. She just had this mellow personality that had no fuss and pomp. And, I even liked Rick. He was conflicted but honest. I loved the way their story sort of unfolded into this sweet, loving connection. I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of this series. I'd really like to know what happens with Ricks siblings and if his detached father ever gets a clue. I received this as an ARC and now want to continue with the series.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love in Rewind

Love in Rewind by Tali Alexander
I have no words.......This book was so full of emotion and suspense that I was literally hanging on every word. This is the first book I have read by Tali Alexander and it will not be the last!! Her writing was amazing and flowed seamlessly. The story completely sucked me in until the very end which still left me just sitting there like a speechless idiot. Lol. I love a book when I can read thinking the story is going to go one way and completely get surprised with the way the author takes it. I did not expect that ending at all. This book will not just leave you wanting more, you will need more!!

Dirty Aristocrat

Dirty Aristocrat by Georgia Le Carre
Ooooooohhh, What can I say?! Amazing, hot, phenomenal, and so many other words I cannot even think of right now. There is no secret that I am a huge fan of Georgia Le Carre and I swear every book get better than the last and I will swear that she cannot do any better - well let me tell you SHE DOES GET BETTER WITH EVERY BOOK!!!!! Writing gets better, sex scenes get hotter, characters are amazing. Georgia's writing will pull you in and completely mesmerize you from the first sentence and hold you, making you turning each page until the very end never breaking the spell she keeps on you. Her characters make you feel their joys, pain, and every emotion in between. Now I will have to wait to put under her spell again and when the time comes I will willingly submit to her words and story.

Uncovering Love

This was such an enjoyable story. I truly felt for all the characters as they go through different emotions. This book drew me in and held on until the end while still holding me in to the point that I can't wait to start the second book. This book will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. There is some suspense that will keep you guessing and turning the pages. I love that there are these two main characters that each have their own story line but that are intertwined together. This was a refreshing read; a different style than some of the others I have read and I truly enjoyed it. Again, I can't wait to read more from this author!!!
I received this copy through The Next Great Read book Reviews for an honest review.

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Forbidden Valentine

Forbidden Valentine by J.C. Valentine
Finally, Ransom gets his HEA!!! This was such a great story. Watching Ransom come back from drowning in his sorrows from losing what he thought was his love to finding what true love is. Ransom has some demons and he finally sees the light and can move on. This book takes through an array of emotions. If you read the first three books then this is truly a must read. This book will give you closure for all characters. It was also a great look and where the other characters are now and how everyone has moved forward. I couldn't help but to keep turning page by page to see what was going to happen next. 
I received this ARC from the author for an honest review.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dream Kisses

Dream Kisses by Verna Clay
This is a delightfully sweet read. It's full bodied with interesting characters and an engaging story, easily one you'd want to read all in one sitting. The characters are loveable and just interesting. The author does a great job of really expressing the emotions of the characters without beating us over the head with internal dialogue. At times, the transitions between scenes seemed so abrupt I stopped to and went back a few seconds wondering if I'd somehow missed something. (I Listened to the audio of this book.) However, even that didn't distract me from being totally engaged in the story. Just a really great fun listen.
And, speaking of listening, this book was narrated by Wendy Rich Stetson. This narrator is new to me. I was offered this audiobook as an ARC and her sample was what sold me and made me decide to take a chance on it. And, Ms. Stetson does not disappoint. Her voice and interpretation of characters pulls you right in and makes you feel like you're right there. Her characterizations are feeling and real, her voice very easy to listen to and engaging. This book had women, men, teens, and accents and she expertly delivered them all while telling a story in a way that keeps the listener tuned in to every word. Will definitely be listening to more from these two!

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Hearts and Daggers

Hearts and Daggers
What an amazing combination of stories and authors!!! If you want suspense and angst, then this is the anthology for you!! But a fair warning- you will beg for more with each story. Every story kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the pages. I have only read books by one of these authors before but I promise I will be reading all them from now on. 

I received an ARC copy for an honest review.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Cold In The Shadows

Cold In The Shadows  By Toni Anderson

Wow! Wow! Wow! This book was offered as an ARC and WOW am I glad I gave it a whirl. Toni Anderson knows how to grab you and keep you on the edge of your seat. This is something like book 5 in her series, but is a standalone that only makes you want to read more. There are references to previous books but only as other missions Killion was been on.
Killion doesn't know if he needs to protect Audrey or if she's the bad guy. And, watching him strip away the layers of this mystery to find out keeps you locked in the story. This is romantic suspense at its best. Non-stop action, sprinkled with just enough sexual tension and romance, and a tough heroine that isn't just another damsel in distress. Someone's trying to kill her and Killion, the only reason she's still alive, suspects she might be a terrorist. She's fighting for her life on all fronts.
Eric Dove does a great job with narration. His pacing, accents, characterization, and just the way he delivers the story so pulls you in and holds on. This is one of those stories you'll want to listen to straight through.

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Dangerous Ties

Dangerous Ties by J.L. Beck

WOW another amazing book from JL Beck!!!! What a great start to what is looking like a series that will have you begging for the next book as soon as you finish one. That is what I'm doing now.....begging and begging for the next book because this book was that amazing. I was taken on an emotional, twisting, turning, and suspenseful journey that I can't wait to continue. The writing was phenomenal and fast paced. The suspense, twists and turns kept me turning the pages as quick and as slow as I could. lol I wanted this book to last and tried to prolong it but I just could help but to keep turning the pages to see what was going to happen.

One thing of advise before you start this book........make sure you don't have any other plans or cancel the ones you do because once you start this book you will not be able to put it down.

I received this book from the author for an honest review.     
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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Naughty Angel

Naughty Angel by K.M. Neubold

Another OMG LOVED this book!!!! I knew after reading the first book that I would have high expectations for this one and as soon as I finished this first book, I jumped into this one immediately. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all! This book and story was amazing. The characters are so real and you can honestly feel their emotions. Again amazing story and even more amazing writing had me picturing the story unfold in my head just like watching a movie. I can't even express how wonderful it is to be pull into a story like that. I couldn't put it down. Asher is such an amazing person to me and Eve is just learning and exploring the world. These two didn't such grow as individual characters but they grew together also. These two were just a perfect match for each other. My heart ached for each of them at times and my heart was full at times. Emotions were high for me with this story and characters, they just really seem to touch me like few other characters have. Again, I thank you K.M. Neuhold for allowing me to read this amazing story and I truly cannot wait for book 3!!

I received this copy from the author for an honest review through The Next Great Read Book Reviews.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bitten (A Club Blood Erotic Short #1)

Bitten (A Club Blood Erotic Short #1) by  Nicole Garcia

This book was well balanced with the story of the relationships and of being a vampire. It would have been a story even without the vampire aspect and I suspect it's set up for more to come. Overall, an enjoyable and entertaining read/listen. The narrators did a good job. I look forward to hearing more from both author and narrators.

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Transcendent by Shevaun Delucia

Great story that kept me hooked from the first page to the last. I really enjoyed watching these two come together after trying to stay away from each other. Elise is an amazing character that is so strong and brave. She truly is a person that will sacrifice her own happiness for those she loves, taking on her burdens by herself. But sometimes you need someone to lean on. Jeff, who swears he is no good for Elise, tries to stay away but sometimes life puts you right where you need to be. Jeff steps up to the plate like only a true caring person would. Watching these two just be there for each other and have each others back is what caring and loving someone is all about and Ms. Delucia wrote it beautifully. All the characters in this book are amazing and I can't wait to hopefully read their stories also. The way Shevaun Delucia writes, what can I say, she puts you there, you are one of them and can feel everything right with the characters. A great book with amazing characters and wonderfully writing.

I received this book from the author through The Next Great Read Book Reviews for an honest review.

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson

Monday, January 25, 2016

Worth the Wait

At Any Price

At Any Price by Brena Aubrey
OMG. I hardly know what to say. Of all the hair brained, crazy ideas the main character, Amelia could have!? Oh, what a disaster this could have been. But, wow! It was a suck you in, snatching your attention kind of read. It was like being a fly on the wall. And, while yes Amelia had some rather ...different ideas, she made sense. Her argument had substance. It almost made me think of how well a paper like that would do in a rhetoric class.
What to say without giving away anything? Ok, the characters were great. I liked all of them. Fully developed living, breathing, characters. Ms. Aubrey has a way with words. Loved Beauman as well. Totally know some of those all man gay guys. People stereotype them so much. But, there are plenty of Beaumans out there.
 I just loved this book. It was unconventional, witty, well done. Great story. It was a concept that was masterfully crafted to deliver an amazing reading/listening experience.
And, let's not forget the narrator. Wow! Kirsten Leigh does an AMAZINGLY job of making these characters, their story, their anguish, thoughts, feelings just real. She strapped you in the front row and takes you for a ride.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

XODUS (The Astralis Series Book 1)

XODUS (The Astralis Series Book 1)
by K.J. McPike    

I'm hooked! I took a chance on this book because usually I can't find books in this genre that, I believe it's listed in Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic. And, as most genre's are, those categories are so vague that it's often not something I want to read. However, this book looked interesting. I listened to the sample and my interest was immediately peaked!
Ms. McPike makes the unreal, believable. Her characters are interesting and well developed. Their reactions are believable. She takes the fantasy, magic, paranormal and adds it to real, normal life and the characters react to it. The storyline was smart and engaging. And, I can honestly say I lost sleep, having an extremely busy week that didn't allow for much listening or reading. I found myself having to force myself to put it down so I could go to sleep at night. I am a fan! Can't wait for book 2. This is also the first book I've listened to that was narrated by Natalie Hoyt. She did a fantastic job.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Love On The Horizon

Love On The Horizon by AM Madden
AWE!!!! This is such a sweet story of taking chances and finding love. I absolutely loved all the characters, well maybe except one or two lol. Marco and Rebecca are such a beautiful couple and they truly warm my heart.
I originally read this as a novella and now A.M. Madden has turned it into an amazing full length novel. What was a sweet story is now a full length novel that will suck you in and hold you there until the very end. You have an amazing and strong characters that will make you laugh and take you through a series of emotions. I loved watching these characters face their fear, grow, and follow their hearts. This book truly has it all - great leads, a great BFF, drama, suspense, and of course love. Rebecca and Marco completely pull you into their feelings from the beginning and have you wanting them together no matter what. Ricky is the best friend very one wants, he will make you laugh when you don't think you can and push you to follow your heart. I loved the families in this book - they are real! They are the type that when reading, you think this could so be my family lol. Love on the Horizon is definitely another amazing book from A.M. Madden. I just wish I could give it more stars, because it really does deserve more than 5.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Love on The Horizon

Love on The Horizon by A.M. Madden
Loved it! This book actually captured me from the first page. I plowed through it not wanting to put it down. I loved the characters. They were so well developed. Marco was enticing and Ricky was just a riot. This is my first book by A.M. Madden. I signed up for the ARC because it sounded like an interesting concept. And, I'm so glad I did. Thoroughly enjoyed it and have added Ms. Madden to my watch list to look for other books of hers.

Reviewed by Marla Josephs
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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Domville 7

The Domville 7  by C.J Fallowfield
HOT HOT HOT!!!! I really think I need a night at The Domville because nights there are absolutely sizzling!! CJ Fallowfield has written another amazing story. Without giving too much away I have to say be careful what you wish for, because how would you feel to wish something doesn't happen just to wish it had when it doesn't. As always, I loved this book and it is definitely one that can keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night.

Michelle Thompson
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Duke of Scandal

The Duke of Scandal by Gaelen Foley
I love the characters in this novel, not just Felicity and Jason but the supporting characters as well, who I am hoping will feature in other episodes of this intoxicating series. I had already met them in the prequel novella One Moonlit Night and I am so absorbed in the setting of Moonlight Square in the fashionable heart of London Regency days that I wish I lived in that time. But instead I have the next best thing – Ms. Foley accurately describing this colorful era, from their attire and transport, to the ‘Square’ itself.
My favorite part of Duke of Scandal was Jason’s secret. Without giving anything away, I can say that it’s an explosive secret and a scenario that most authors of this genre tend to steer away from. I applaud Ms. Foley for having the courage and expertise to include it and make the story (and Jason’s character) much more believable.
I am now hanging out waiting for book 2. I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Reviewed by Lorriane LoveitLorriane Loveit's Author Facebook page

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Twisted Up In You

Twisted up in You by Dawn Martens
Okay, I'm still trying to get my thoughts together on this!! Mostly because this book and characters were absolutely amazing. I mean if I could give it 100 stars I would!!! Five just is not enough for this. This is a fast paced story that kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages. From the very first page I could not put it down. I mean I actually read this at work, well about 75% of it, and it took everything I had not to kill anyone who interrupted me while reading. As soon as I got home, I made it clear I was finishing this book and if anyone needed anything they better get it themselves. I have to say (and being honest) this is the first book by Dawn Martens I have read. I have heard great things about her book and have been wanting to read them so bad, but due to other reading obligations, I just haven't had the chance - but let me tell you after reading this ALL of her books have become HIGH priority!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

31 Days of Winter

31 Days of  Winter by C.J. Fallowfied
Wow! C.J. Fallowfield doesn't disappoint. I really enjoyed this story. At times I wanted to smack the characters and at others I wanted them to be patient and give each other a chance. Ms. Fallowfield has written a book that does a push and pull, or back and forth that is hard to do successfully. However, she succeeds. And, I think this is due to her really showing the anguish, caring, and real feelings of the characters. We don't always know why they feel the way they feel, but you get a sense that they really do care. And, she draws you in and keeps you wanting to find out more. I stayed up late to finish this and immediately wanted the next book. I also have to say, her characters are very different. They are uniquely quirky within common archetypes. Can't wait to read the next one.

Marla Josephs
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From The Fields

From The Fields
By Richard Paolinelli
This was a very insightful read. I have a love for Australian Rules football and hence found this documentary informative and enlightening. It is clear that Mr Paolinelli’s days as a Sports Writer have helped him with his research which will no doubt become a legacy to the Bulldogs and indeed the town of Turlock itself.

The Holiday Couple: A Sky Watcher Romance: Gavin's Story

The Holiday Couple: A Sky Watcher Romance: Gavin's Story

Oh, I loved this quick holiday read!! I have become a huge fan of Ella Emerson and was so excited to read this. It takes place a couple of years after Sky Watcher, and now we get to see Gavin get his own love, plus we get to see what Allison and Luke have been up to. I loved that these two characters never even knew what they could have been even with living so close to each other. They came together because of their own selfish reasons and well you will have to read to find out what happens. :) This was a great holiday read that will warm your heart.

Beautiful Beast

Beautiful Beast
by Georgia Le Carre

Holy Moly!!!! Another Eden brother has claimed me!!!!!! Georgia Le Carre writes another amazing book that just pulls you into the characters world. Ms. Le Carre takes you on a journey of suspense, drama, family, and love. I won't lie - I desperately wait for each of Georgia's books, I can't help it, I stalk and count down the days until I can have the next beauty on my kindle and as always Georgia Le Carre delivers beautifully with another story that you just can't put down. If you haven't read any of her books - you really need to start because you will not be able to stop at one!!

I received this copy from the author for an honest review.

On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground
by K.L. Grayson

I was so excited to get this little book. I have missed Harley and Ty!! I have to say I absolutely loved this book. If you read the first book - YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!!! For a short story, there were NO shortage of feelings and emotions and I felt them all! This book made me tear up and filled my heart with joy and love.

I received this copy from the author for an honest review.

White Waves

White Waves
by Shannon O'Conner

This picks up right where Red Waves left us hanging and the suspense is doubled! Question is can Audrey and Chad handle what is to come. They seem to never catch a break with everything being planned and set up so that Audrey can finally move on from her past. Again, this book has it all - suspense, drama, laughs, great characters, and the writing will completely draw you in on page one. These characters are real and have truly grown from the first book. Ms. O'Conner's writing really puts you there and you can feel what the Audrey and Chad are feeling and really feel as though you are there. I really need the next book now as I can't wait to see what happens.
I received this copy from the author for an honest review.
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