Monday, August 17, 2015

Chasing The Girl in Red

Chasing The Girl In Red by Jean Russell

Chasing The Girl In Red is an amazing Paranormal Suspense that I enjoyed reading immensely. I would have been more than happy to have given this wonderful book 5 stars, but the copy I was provided had been poorly edited. Other than that the book blew my mind.
The author is an amazing writer that griped me through out the story. I loved the character Samantha and felt that I never had to guess how she felt, because she was completely open about it. The other character Ace was described in such detail I could just picture him down to his personality.
The way the book was wrote sets it apart from other paranormal suspense stories and this one even had some steamy moments that had my eyes glued to the page. I loved this book and am even recommending it to my readers as well as close friends of mine. I’m honored to have been chosen to read review Jean Russell’s book. I urge all lovers of this genre to grab a copy and sink in for a book that won’t let go of you once it has it’s hooks in.

**** 4 Stars
Reviewed by Kristin Hinkle

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