Book Review Requests

There are so many great authors our there and so few of us reviewers that we decided to create a Facebook review page. Here authors can post their books for review, offering ARC copies, and be exposed to several other blogs and reviewers as well as The Next Great Read.

Please note: This IS NOT an advertisement group for your free books. It is a place where authors can request reviews from readers/bloggers/reviewers and get those all important reviews. That is why the group is private. In many other groups people request copies and you may or may not get any reviews. We seek to eliminate that. We can't guarantee you will always get a review, but within this group, you will quickly learn who provides reviews and posts on blogs and reviewers know they can be removed if they are just looking for free books. Interested in getting some reviews or building an ARC reviewer base? Find some great bloggers and reviewers here. Click the link below and ask to join.

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