Monday, October 26, 2015

Crazy Baby

Crazy Baby by A.D. Justice

A.D. Justice has done it again! What an amazing, torturing story. I couldn't help but to get so wrapped up in the story that I was literally yelling at the characters through my Kindle. Lol these two characters completely frustrated me and made me love them even more all at the same time. Everyone in this book made an impression on me, even Travis got a little bit of my heart. Shane I just fell in love with him. Andy, Luke, pop, Shane, Travis and everyone else will make you laugh and crack up. Miss Justice rights and such amazing characters, they will make you laugh, cry, get frustrated, yellow, and all of the same time you can't help but just get so wrapped up in their story.

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Temptress

The Temptress by C. J. Fallowfield

There is no secret that I am a huge fan of C.J. Fallowfield, from Gabe and Mia to Dan and Ellie, to Logan and Summer, but I have to say that Lulu and Luc are by far my most favorite to date!! This story truly took me through so many emotions from happy tears to sad tears back to happy tears, I laughed, cried, and was truly happy. I cannot describe how heartfelt and amazing this story of true love is. Not only has Ms. Fallowfield wrote another amazing book, but again this is my favorite of all!!!
ARC provided for an honest review

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
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OMG! This is my first time reading this author’s work and I am so impressed with her style, the tension, the chemistry between the characters, and the ability to have me eagerly reading each page that I anticipate reading all of her other novels.
Lulu and Luc are so different, but that’s what makes them so irresistible to each other. It is easy to get caught up in this story of lost love. It had me, the reader, rooting for them to find their way despite all the obstacles thrown in their path.
Congratulations, Ms. Fallowfield, on a truly heart wrenching/warming story. I highly recommend this to anyone that has ever experienced lust, love or both. And finally, I just wanted to add that the sex scenes were hot!

Lorriane Loveit
Genres: Erotica, Chick Lit, Romance, Sports
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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beauty & The Biker

Beauty & The Biker by Glenna Maynard

Wow! No doubt I am a huge fan of Glenna Maynard's work, I have not read a book by her that was not completely phenomenal and this one is no exception! Amazing, phenomenal, sensational, none of these words even do it justice. I do have to say this is the first one she has written that has not completely gutted me, but it definitely is full of emotion. You can't help but just to be drawn in from the first page and you cannot put it down until the last, to the very end the last word. Actually I would have loved loved to see this as a series I feel like I just can't get enough of it. This was such an amazing twist on such a wonderful fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, that you just can't help but to fall in love with the story all over again and almost see it in a whole different way. If you love a good fairy tale and love a good biker book, can you definitely need to read this along with any and every other books by Glenna Maynard.
I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Hell is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here

Hell is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here by Mark Rounds

In “Hell is Empty, and All the Devils Are Here” the very high quality of the writing is immediately attractive. Without doubt this is one of the better contemporary apocalyptic novels, with a storyline which presents an acceptable reality, leading to highly believable action. It is not a reality which one would wish to experience, in which a viral plague, produced and dispersed by a highly placed but unrevealed cabal, overturns the order of the world.
It is well known that in such fictional situations the human spirit tends to rise and burn brightly in certain individuals. These become leaders, resolving the situation as best they can, and in “Hell is Empty” there is an abundance of such people, both male and female.
They appear as strong individuals, but as characters in a novel, they are somewhat undeveloped. Perhaps this is to be expected. In an apocalyptic survival story, with a strong military color, individual character growth will take second place to the action; and throughout the course of the book the inexorable development of the plague itself is the main focus of the storyline.
The survivor characters are all firmly identified with the military and law enforcement arms of society. They are calm and resourceful. They are very knowledgeable and capable in all areas, from being able to produce the statistical information needed to understand the spread of the disease to the planting of home-made napalm bombs to protect their houses, not to mention fighting off bike gangs.
It is this reassuring quality which the author personifies in the chief character, Chad. It is a strength which carries him and his family, together with his equally capable and experienced friend, the somewhat enigmatic Dave, through the first stages of survival.
Rounds knows what makes a compelling story. There is a villain, an unpleasant “spook”, high in the echelons of Homeland Security, the creature of the faceless evil. Macklin is a character equally as strong as those he opposes, and through him the author achieves a balance of understanding between how the forces of evil operate and how the forces of good get along in opposition.
If the title of the novel has been taken from Act I of Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest”, another Shakespearean allusion can perhaps be seen at work in the action in general. In “Hamlet” Polonius advises his son to avoid getting into trouble but if he finds himself in it, he is to make sure that he gives a good account of himself. In this book the positive characters do exactly that. Although the infected plague victims act in a traditionally terrifying zombie-like manner without actually being corpses, the uninfected survivors manage to cope without sacrificing too much of their basic human generosity of spirit.
The plot is tight and fast and the passing of time is handled very effectively through the use of datelines. If these had not been included it would be difficult to follow the events as they unfold in different places, but Rounds handles what is in fact a very tricky structural need with the aplomb of a multi-book author. One could wish that these prompts stood out a little more clearly within the text, but they are there, and they certainly help.
The storyline and action are thoroughly authentic. From the first recognition of the plague, Rounds shows what happens in military emergency councils; he reveals the decisions which are made and the plans which are formed. It is quite clear that he intends to suggest that this fictional reality is very close to the reality we all know, and he is completely successful.
Certain editorial errors which seem to identify many online independently published books can be overlooked in the face of Rounds’ accomplished achievement. In full command of a distinctive and persuasive writing style he has presented a knowledgeable, authentic, thoroughly interesting and possibly disturbing, story.
“Hell is Empty and All the Devils Are Here” is highly recommended for general reading, even to those who may feel that stories of the apocalypse are not their preferred genre.

Reviewed by Judith Rook
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Floating by Michelle Dare
Emotions, chills, this story has it all. This was such a powerful and moving read for me. I literally had chills at times, laughed, there were moments I was holding my breath, and there were moments I was so filled with pride. These characters are so strong in the sense that you become apart of their world, but also in what they accomplish. I had the biggest smile on my face when I finished and just felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Lucy and Ellis are a couple that you just can't help but to let into your heart.
I received this copy from the author for an honest review.
Reviewed by Michelle Thompson Michelle's GoodReads Reviews

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Domville by C.J. Fallowfield

This is story one in a series of short stories. Each story centers around a guest The Domville hotel. Sam and Lexi's story was engaging. I like C. J. Fallowfield's writing style and characters. The storyline was also great and characters well developed. As is common for me with short stories, I was left wanting a longer story. In this case, I really wanted a more complete conclusion to this story. Sam and Lexi's story was so engaging and interesting, that I wanted to know how they ended up. However, it didn't stop me from wanting to read the next one. I want to give this story 3.5 stars only because I want to know what happens with Sam and Lexi. And, it isn't just a cliffhanger, I don't think. There just is no other story. HOWEVER, this little irritation is not one that would make me regret reading it, or not read more by this author. So, I'll be diving in to story 2.

Reviewed by Marla Josephs
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Deep in Death

Deep in Death by Colleen Helme
Audiobook Narrated by Wendy Tremont King

I love a hot, steamy romance as much as the next romance fan. However, I'm also a big mystery fan and was ready for a change. So, when I was given a chance to listen to and review this book, I gave it a chance. I'd never read anything from this author before, so I was reall on the fence about it, and was hoping I hadn't made a mistake. Boy, am I glad I tried it.
This is likely to be considered more of a cozy mystery, but it has a little bite to it. It's not all fluff. It had a great mix of intensity and suspense along, I with humor and lightheartedness. It wasn't to gruesome or intense, yet not too soft either. At times I thought that maybe there were slightly too many cases or mysteries going on with Shelby, but yet it didn't make me want to put it down for a second. Ms. helme has penned a very engaging and intertwining story, with interesting characters. I even love the tension between Shelby and Remos and her chiding herself for it because of Chris. Won't say anymore about that. And, it's even more exciting that it's a series! I am a sucker for a good series.
I just wasn't sure from the description if I would like it. There was a 50/50 chance. So, I let the narration sample decide. And, Wendy Tremont King sold it. Her narration was wonderful. I've never listened to her before either, but thought she really brought the story and characters to life. Her interpretation of each character and their personalities was creative and believable. I was so pleasantly surprised and looking forward to more from both author and narrator.

Reviewed by Marla Josephs
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Star Viking

Star Viking by Hugh B. Long
This book is space opera brought to a height. Not a new height because all the familiar structures are there; all the huge action of vast space battles, all the intriguing cooperation between people of different races under the banner of benevolent government, all the conflict between the good that humanity and its allies are capable of and the nasty evil that villainous aliens bent on universal domination can unleash.
The theme is simple. A force of space-going warriors under the command of Haldor Olsen is dedicated to protecting the human space colonies, particularly to defeating the evil predators and slavers, the blue-skinned Hrymar.
This is a theme familiar to very many people, and it carries an enduring interest. But the author has not simply jumped onto a proven bandwagon. He presents the basic idea through a new and complex storyline which will appeal to any space opera or hard sci-fi fan. It also holds an engaging romantic interest involving the hero and an elf maiden; there is also a cute child and a strange animal companion to round off the solid worth of the main character.
The background to the plot is old-Earth Norse culture and mythology which will already hold a significance for many readers. The concept provides the values and motivation for much of the action but what is not always made clear is where the author’s vivid imagination takes over from established record.
There is little doubt about the imaginative energy which Long brings to the telling of this story. The ideas almost tumble over one another, but there can be too many ideas and some of the events are presented so quickly that their significance in the storyline is lost, and one or two sections of the plot are puzzling.
In some instances the prose lacks complete fluency and becomes slightly ponderous, but this is balanced by the care which the author takes with detailed descriptions of people and settings. One might wish that the very short epilogue had not been included. Although it may carry the storyline into the future, it does detract from the resolution of the final, almost poetic chapter.
There is no doubt at all that this author can write truly riveting space battle scenes. This is one of the strongest aspects of the book and from the written word emerges a completely visual impression. In this area, Long proves himself to be a master. The starships are described in all necessary detail, the fighting techniques are made thoroughly clear and the actions and responses of the characters involved take the reader fully into the world of conflict between strangely shaped and unbelievably powerful vessels against a cosmic background. There are many such battle scenes throughout the book, very attractive to sci-fi readers in particular and also to action readers in general.
The aliens are given the attention they deserve; the author takes the reader into the mind of the enemy. But they are not treated sympathetically, they are monsters through and through, their evil-doing is almost beyond human belief and yet there is a very slight suggestion that some of them at least might be capable of change, and that could be a matter for the continuation of this massive storyline.
Another source of great interest is the development of the main characters. Although the author’s presentation of individual temperament is not as strong as are his scenes of conflict, there are situations which interest and intrigue throughout the book. The hero accepts that he must allow innocents to be killed when necessary, he will destroy numbers of enemy captives instead of attempting to redeem them, the romantic relationship is affected by a quality not usually found in people who want to become lovers and a father/son connection receives a strange twist.
“Star Viking” falls squarely into the space opera genre. It deals with quite well-developed characters and generally controlled and convincing situations; there is an enormous amount of outstandingly good fight conflict, a highly satisfactory building of a world structure and way of life, and at the end of the tale one is left with a sense of reading time very well spent.
Reviewed by Judith Rook

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wounded Beast

Wounded Beast by Georgia Le Carre

Another Eden brother has won my heart. Ella just might be the woman to tame the beast that is Dom Eden. Georgia Le Carre has truly done it again with this one. Her writing makes the story and characters come alive. You can't help but to live in their world with the descriptive way Georgia writes. You can see it, feel it, hear it, and completely immerse yourself in it. The suspense will suck you in, waiting to see what's going to happen. And the love you can feel through every page. Oh.....let's not forget the super hot, steamy, and all out amazing sex scenes that will have you breathing hard and in a major need of fresh air. :)

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
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Expected Release date November 2015
Girlsquad by J.A. Heron
This was such a pleasant read. These four girls are great. They are relatable, or you know someone like these girls. All four are so unique, yet they come together in a wonderful supporting friendship. Each on with their own life, worries, fears, and loves. I loved the banter of all the different personalities. They challenge yet complement each other well. I couldn't help but get wrapped up in all their lives and become one of the girls myself sharing in their happiness, fears, and sadness. I received a copy for an honest review through
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                                                                                      Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
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Deadly Messenger

Deadly Messenger by Susan May

When I was offered “Deadly Messengers” to read in exchange for a review I was excited, but hesitant. I hoped that it wasn’t a thriller than had the same theme that had been already done. Once I began reading, I quickly realized it was a theme and story completely out of the box.
Susan May brings the book to life with her intense and suspensful descriptions. The scenes that contain the murders are so poetically written that the words just flow. When reading you can expect goosebumps.
The plot and story are complexed and constructive leaving the reader practically begging to know who done it. She shows her creativity and her talent for writing such vivid imagery in this spectacular written thriller. It absorbs the reader pulling them deeper into the book.
Susan May is without a doubt an author to follow. I have to recommend this must read to any reader.

                                                                    Reviewed by Kristin Hinkle
                                                                    The After Dark Reading Nook