Thursday, October 8, 2015

Deep in Death

Deep in Death by Colleen Helme
Audiobook Narrated by Wendy Tremont King

I love a hot, steamy romance as much as the next romance fan. However, I'm also a big mystery fan and was ready for a change. So, when I was given a chance to listen to and review this book, I gave it a chance. I'd never read anything from this author before, so I was reall on the fence about it, and was hoping I hadn't made a mistake. Boy, am I glad I tried it.
This is likely to be considered more of a cozy mystery, but it has a little bite to it. It's not all fluff. It had a great mix of intensity and suspense along, I with humor and lightheartedness. It wasn't to gruesome or intense, yet not too soft either. At times I thought that maybe there were slightly too many cases or mysteries going on with Shelby, but yet it didn't make me want to put it down for a second. Ms. helme has penned a very engaging and intertwining story, with interesting characters. I even love the tension between Shelby and Remos and her chiding herself for it because of Chris. Won't say anymore about that. And, it's even more exciting that it's a series! I am a sucker for a good series.
I just wasn't sure from the description if I would like it. There was a 50/50 chance. So, I let the narration sample decide. And, Wendy Tremont King sold it. Her narration was wonderful. I've never listened to her before either, but thought she really brought the story and characters to life. Her interpretation of each character and their personalities was creative and believable. I was so pleasantly surprised and looking forward to more from both author and narrator.

Reviewed by Marla Josephs
Marla's GoodReads Reviews

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