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Beneath Montana's Sky

Beneath Montana's Sky: A Montana Sky Novella
Written by
Debra Holland, Narrated by: Lara Asmundson
Length: 4 hrs and 40 mins 
Unabridged Audiobook

This was a delightful prequel to the Montana’s series. I fell in love with this series and the mail-order brides series from the first audio I listened to. The early years of our country have always been a time frame I would liked to have visit. Ms. Holland always brings it back to light and gives me a wonderful tale of how it could have been. John has decided he needs help raising his godson with few women in Montana he decides to go to Boston to see if he can find a woman to marry that he might come to love. There are two women that catch his eye but only one really stands out. Pamela might be plain timid, but she is just what he needs to bring his life back in order. Through some misunderstanding it looks like he might be going home alone. With that worked out and a rushed courtship they are on their way to start their new life. Once they get to Montana and Pamela sees the cowboys as they scare the crap out of her she is ready to rush to the train before it takes off. This is when the story gets interesting as they deal with the issues of living together, helping Nick the godson find his way and a lot of unruly cowboys who need a few lesson in manners.

Lara Asmundson did a great job with the narration her voice was very clear. It was a delight to hear her many voices you always know who is saying what. She does a great job from going to male to female as she brings this story to life. She made me chuckle and at times laugh. Her cute meow for the kitten put a smile on my face. The only issue I had with this audio was some kind of background hum it wasn’t an echo but more of a buzz. I even tried to lower the volume but it didn’t make a difference. As the audio went along I didn’t notice it not sure if it went away or if I was so much into the story. I did enjoy it so much that I am so looking forward to listening to more of her work.

Pamela is a wonderful character someone you can relate to as she goes through the trials of moving to a new place so different than what she is use to. She is strong and sweet takes things as they come and gives her all. Her heart goes out to Nick as she brings him around and helps him get over the loss of his family. I really had to laugh when she saw the cowboys and grabbed John’s hand trying to pull him back on the train before it took off and left them with these wild cowboys who are showing off. She makes the most of it even bring those wild cowboys into hand getting them to do what she wants without bulling them. She is just a delightful woman that has class.

John is a wonderful giving man falls fast and hard for Pamela he is heart broken when he thinks he will have to leave her behind. He does the best he can for everyone on his ranch giving so much. He is so happy with his new bride as she takes over making every one’s life on the ranch a better place. He has some things he must overcome but things are working out wonderful for him and his ranch. You have to love a man who is so caring and loving along with so giving. Yep he is a keeper for sure.

You know when you see Ms. Holland name it is going to be a wonderful story. She brings so much to the pages giving you a very believable wonderful story. She is an outstanding author that always gives you a compelling read. I forget I am reading a book as I get lost in one of her stories. I love how she bring life to Montana bring the past to the future giving you a story you can get lost in. I am always sad for the book to end. Her audio’s are outstanding I try very hard never to miss one. Her words flows easy as I listen to the audios I get a lot of things done that I put off. Listening to this story makes things easy to get done you forget you are working as they author and narrator take you away to another place and time. I have to look at all the things I got done and think wow I did all that, doesn’t it look good. I could never give enough prays to the pleasure I get out of one of her stories. If you haven’t read or listen to any of this author’s book you really should. I can promise you there is always a few laughs and smiles waiting for you. 
***** 5 Star
Cynthia Keagy, (Cyn's Reviews)
Genres: Romance, Erotica, audiobooks

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