Thursday, August 13, 2015


                                      Reluctant by Marla Josephs

First and foremost, I must say that I absolutely loved this book. It’s a wonderfully well written contemporary romance. I have to say at first when I began reading it started out a little sad, but then it quickly picked up and took the story to new heights. I fell in love with Marla Josephs characters, Fallon and Reid. The title Reluctant fits the book so well. As in the story I felt as though Fallon could be reluctant at times, and then as well with Reid. Although Reid, at first, didn’t seem very reluctant. Actually, at first he seemed the opposite and I had him pegged for an egotistical womanizer, but my mind was quickly changed. It left the saying “appearance aren’t always as they seem” as the real deal.
As a reader and reviewer I have to recommend this book. I would be crazy if I didn’t and I’m not crazy. The story flowed well and left no gaps, or questions to be asked. Everything was covered and covered well. Marla Josephs is a wordsmith that will have you eating out of her hand as she leads through the book.
If I had to choose one thing I didn’t like about this book it would be that I hated it to end. The characters are realistic and the story completely down to earth. It was as though I was following the characters through their events of every day life. If your a romantic at heart you have to get your copy of this book.
***** 5 stars
Reviewed by Kristin Hinkle

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