Monday, August 31, 2015

Pulled Under

Pulled Under by Sarah Darlington
**Release date September 1, 2015**
Every book I read by Sarah Darlington I just fall in love with. Rhett is the manwhore, the one that has a different girl every night, but could one girl change that? Could one kiss change everything? Sydney who has loved Ben from afar for years finds out one day that Ben has died, and now she is looking for a distraction. Rhett Morgan seems like just the guy for the night to distract her.
I loved this story. All these characters including the background characters (who I have fallen in love with in previous books) are great. I was completely wrapped into the story and the emotions, feeling every emotion with the character. Sarah has a way of writing that will pull you into the characters world and live through everything with them.
Copy gifted from author for an honest review.
***** 5 Stars
                                                       Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
                                                       Michelle's GoodReads Reviews

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