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The Alpha's Daughter: The Wolvers, Book 3

 The Alpha's Daughter: The Wolvers, Book 3
• Written by Jacqueline Rhoades,  Narrated by Holly Adams
• Length: 12 hrs and 34 mins, Unabridged Audiobook

o Series: The Wolvers, Book 3  Publisher: Jacqueline Rhoades 

 This book is my favorite of the series with one smart mouth sassy lady who can kick some tail with her hands behind her back. This is full of action as Jazz is put to the test to find her strength and her place in the world. There is nothing better or stronger than a father’s love but when that father is evil and thinks you are good for nothing but matting to better his pack as he puts you up for sale to the highest bidder is so wrong. Jazz will not stand for it as she goes on the run for her life she is sure if her father finds her he will kill her before he lets her walk away.

Jazz has so much going for her from her sassy mouth to her fighting skills she has learn from the best and will not back down. Jazz is not your run of the mill women with her blue hair and a very foul-mouthed which adds so much to this wonderful character. I fell in love with her as soon as she opened her mouth and took on the bikers in a fight when they thought she was a little bit of nothing. Oh the plans they had for her but she had some of her own. She was sent to the town Gilead to contact a man who will help her get to a safe pack. What she finds is a small run down town, bikers who attack her and one mean looking man that she finds is her contact. When she is attacked he comes to her rescue little does he know she needs no help. Oh the words they have, she is ready to move on which isn’t going to be easy as she finds out she has lost everything to her name. She is left with little to do but to go with Doc Goodman who looks more bear than wolf. They are at each other’s throats from the start along with the pull of attraction. She is shocked to find that men do not treat women cruel but love and protect them. Things happen that leaves her with little choice but to stay in this small town in a house that is ready to fall down. She and Doc just do not get along at all which makes this an outstanding read as they come head to head on a few issues locking horns which leaves you wondering who will come out the winner.

Doc Goodman he is a little rough around the edge but cleans up well. He has had a hard time of it as he moved to Gilead to hide out from his past. He isn’t looking for a mate he is just helping the good wolves there putting in time until he dies. That is until the spitfire hell cat comes to town and turns his world upside down with her fowl mouth and sassy ways. What did he ever do to have to put up with the likes of her? I really adored Doc he is a very caring man with many years of hurt and pain deep inside of him. He always puts the pack first and doctors for free or food. You are so going to love the mess he gets his self in as he just tries his best to put one foot in front of the other. The is so much of a pull between him and Jazz he is running as fast as he can running the other way. What he would really like to do is pick her up shake her and then throw the lip lock on her. What he does do is push her away as he tries to out run his past.

Holly Adams brings so much this story as she gives a wonderful voice to this outstanding read. She hits each tone as she makes you feel the sadness, pain, joy, humor and love of this pack. Her wonderful many voices gives so much. You have no trouble understanding who is talking and what their emotion is. There are a few places when she goes into a new chapter that the volume is a little higher but it doesn’t take away from the listen. This is a story I will be listening to again with the wonderful humor she gives each character just pulls you in. I found things around the house to do just so I could listen to this audio a little longer. Listening to Holly tell this story there were parts I wanted to cry it is so heartbreaking and other times I found myself laughing. Holly did a wonderful outstanding job with the narration I doubt you could go wrong listening to anything she narrators.

The author gives you two characters that have so much to learn each are trying to get by out running their past but together they make a complete pair if only they would see it. Neither want to mate but they won’t say no to a little action. Sometimes the heart gets in the way it just isn’t that easy to walk away from something you find you want more than anything. As in all the books in this series the author gives you wonderful characters you can relate to as she gives you tales filled with humor that will keep you laughing saying you go girl or oh yes tell it like it is. She covers some series issues such as abuse, she does it well as her characters help others and give back to the pack. I adore the alpha male and his mate as they go through trying times there are times my heart breaks for them as well as many other of the characters in this book. I have never really enjoyed this genres but this author makes me wish I could be part of this pack. She gives you wonderful characters and OHHHHH so much action as each member will have to fight to keep this pack together. Things are not always as they seem as the author puts some major twist to give you a one of a kind outstanding read. You are going to love this book as well as this series. If this isn’t your type of read I would still recommend you give it a try she just might turn you as she did me. I cannot wait to see where the author takes the rest of this series as she gives you a tale of lost, pain, hurt, finding yourself with a well written wonderful story of love of the best kind.

***** 5 Star
Cynthia Keagy, (Cyn's Reviews)
Genres: Romance, Erotica, audiobooks
Page by Page Inside Out Reviews

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