Monday, August 31, 2015

Ms. Communications

Ms. Communications by Myra Kindrix

When I first started this book, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But, I kept reading and am glad I did. At first I thought her boss, Jake, was just a jerk. But, I very quickly began to think he had Asperger's, which is considered a milder form of autism. Having two people close to me who live like this everyday, I could totally relate to Jake, and everyone's frustration with him. And sure enough, Asperger's comes up in reference to Jake later in the book.
I would not call this a romance novel, yet it was about romance. But, it's not your normal romance. So readers expecting that might be disappointed. And, Jake's character was so spot on with the cluelessness of social cues, the inability to see how their actions effect others, and the struggle to try to do these things, was so realistic that it makes me wonder if Ms. Kindrix doesn't also have someone in her life like this. You really do have to get to know them to know that they do care and have feelings. The things that bother most people often don't bother them, or they just aren't aware of how others feel. They will often know there is a problem, but be totally clueless of what it is. Direct communication is definitely necessary. I often think it might be harder for them. They are so close to normal, that people immediately see their social faux pas as rudeness and coldness.

This is Ms. Kendrix first book, and I could tell. This in no way is meant to be negative. The fact that it is her first book, yet she was able to spin such a witty, different, crucially complex story is something I applaud. If she's starting out this good, it will only get better, and I can't wait to read more. This may not be for everyone as it's not your typical romance. But, it is a light, easy read that has a great anylitically minded story line. Before I really got into the book, and figured out what was happening, I wanted to give it 2 stars. Then, it jumped to 3. Then 3 1/2. And by the middle it had found its way to 4 stars from me. A story worth reading.

**** 4 Star
Reviewed by Marla Josephs

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