Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Medium Path

The Medium Path by Elizabeth Davies

Upon reading The Medium Path, by Elizabeth Davies, I decided to give my review score of five stars. It’s a paranormal romance unlike any other, and a must read for all fans of fiction.
The author wrote this book with a lot of imagination and I couldn’t stop reading. Each page captured my interest and wouldn’t let go. It had a little something for everyone in my opinion. There was of course paranormal romance, but also something very steamy.
The characters have been written as though they really exist and I felt as though I was with them the entire way. Not only do I give this book five stars, but I also recommend it for any fiction reader.
With an author as talented and imaginative as I found her to be I can’t wait to see what she has coming next. Elizabeth Davies is now of one of my favorite authors to follow.

    ***** 5 Stars paranormal Romance
     Reviewed  by Kristin Hinkle

                                                        Click this link to see the author interview

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