Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dirty Aristocrat

Dirty Aristocrat by Georgia Le Carre
Ooooooohhh, What can I say?! Amazing, hot, phenomenal, and so many other words I cannot even think of right now. There is no secret that I am a huge fan of Georgia Le Carre and I swear every book get better than the last and I will swear that she cannot do any better - well let me tell you SHE DOES GET BETTER WITH EVERY BOOK!!!!! Writing gets better, sex scenes get hotter, characters are amazing. Georgia's writing will pull you in and completely mesmerize you from the first sentence and hold you, making you turning each page until the very end never breaking the spell she keeps on you. Her characters make you feel their joys, pain, and every emotion in between. Now I will have to wait to put under her spell again and when the time comes I will willingly submit to her words and story.

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