Monday, January 25, 2016

At Any Price

At Any Price by Brena Aubrey
OMG. I hardly know what to say. Of all the hair brained, crazy ideas the main character, Amelia could have!? Oh, what a disaster this could have been. But, wow! It was a suck you in, snatching your attention kind of read. It was like being a fly on the wall. And, while yes Amelia had some rather ...different ideas, she made sense. Her argument had substance. It almost made me think of how well a paper like that would do in a rhetoric class.
What to say without giving away anything? Ok, the characters were great. I liked all of them. Fully developed living, breathing, characters. Ms. Aubrey has a way with words. Loved Beauman as well. Totally know some of those all man gay guys. People stereotype them so much. But, there are plenty of Beaumans out there.
 I just loved this book. It was unconventional, witty, well done. Great story. It was a concept that was masterfully crafted to deliver an amazing reading/listening experience.
And, let's not forget the narrator. Wow! Kirsten Leigh does an AMAZINGLY job of making these characters, their story, their anguish, thoughts, feelings just real. She strapped you in the front row and takes you for a ride.

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