Saturday, September 12, 2015


Reluctant by Marla Josephs

I thought this was a nice sweet read with a lot of heart and soul. Fallon and Reid story was a humor read at times. They had so much against them but came out of it with a wonderful relationship. The author writes a wonderful story that flows easy and keeps you interested. I thought I would die laughing when Fallon found him on the counter with a women having sex and he told her she was up next.

Reid is very intrigued and even shocked when a beautiful woman who isn't aware of his celebrity turns him to the door. She isn’t even swayed by his charm. Lord what has he done wrong. She doesn’t even seem to like him and doesn’t know who he is. Fallon is a puzzle Reid wants to solve. Why is Fallon reluctant to let Reid get too close? He obviously can have any women he wants and seems to have more than his share. Fallon is a very private person. She isn’t one that wants to be in the public eye. She just doesn’t see herself and him together. They are not each other’s types or are they? But, there is more to Reid than meets the eye. Underneath that hot exterior is a nice vulnerable guy who got burnt. Having experienced it in the past, he is also reluctant to be hurt. Then along comes Fallon, without even trying, has gotten under his skin as he has hers. Now, he just has to convince her to take a chance. But he is a patient man and puts his plan in to action.

Marla Josephs has a well written likeable story that is easy to follow.  I do hope we will find more out about each of the other characters.

Reviewed by Cynthia Keagy, (Cyn's Reviews)
Page by Page Inside Out Reviews

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