Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Live Today

Live Today by Savana Jade

There is no greater bond than the bond of family, but not all family is blood. This group of bandmates……..friends………family are an amazing group that completely embraces the word and meaning of family. I could feel the love, compassion, and support they all felt for each other. No matter what life throws at any one of them, they will get through it together.

Savana Jade has truly written a mash hit with her debut novel. The characters are so well developed, loveable, and real. Not only does the story draw you in, but the characters capture your heart entirely. Jenna, Brennon, Gabe, Matt, Will, and Drew made me laugh so much and cry. I could honestly feel their pain, anger, sadness, shock, and courage, but through it all I could feel their love. This is truly an amazing story of friendship, love, courage, family, and learning to live for today.

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson

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