Monday, November 2, 2015

Worth the Chase

Worth the Chase by J.L. Beck (release date 11/03/2015)

J.L. Beck has done it again with amazing book!!! This spin off of two of her other series with now the kids all grown up and trying to find their way. Only thing is in their journey they find each other. I loved watching these two play around one another with their love/hate relationship. Gia is such a great combination of her mother and father. Since I have not read the Bittersweet series yet, all I can say about Chase is he is guy that will definitely win over your heart. They are both trying to find their way while afraid of the emotions they are feeling. I absolutely loved watching them, but have to say at times they both frustrated me to the point I wanted to smack some sense in them both. lol. Their love is one that is definitely worth the chase and this is definitely worth the read!!!!

I received an advanced copy from the author for an honest review.

Reviewed by Michelle Thompson
                                                         Michelle's GoodReads Reviews

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