Sunday, November 22, 2015

Grand Final: Playing the Game # 6

Grand Final by Lorraine Loveit

This has been a long, twisting, and turning read with all of these characters. I'm happy that Suzie finally got what she wanted and that Brendan was able to be what she needed him to be. I'm sure whatever magic anger management or therapy he had will have many readers wishing they knew his secret recipe for their own loved ones, friends, or hopefully not themselves. He was a changed man. And, it was great to see Suzie with the relationship that she should have had from the beginning. There are some great characters in this book that I would love to see with their own stories. Jason, of course, is the first one to come to mind. But, there are plenty of others here, even the new JB. Hopefully the story isn't over now that Brendan and Susie's story is concluded.
Ms. Loveit has a way with words that keeps you reading to find out what will happen next. I'm looking forward to whatever that is.

Reviewed by Marla Josephs
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